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Why Austin Micro Market Vending?

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As a result of the increased efficiency and convenience for consumers Micro Market adoption has grown exponentially since it’s inception in 2005. Micro Markets are a very popular option in the workplace breakroom and attractive to employers because they cost very little to install and maintain. Also, a single Micro Market can easily stock between 150 and 400 products while a traditional vending machine is limited to about 40 products. Isn’t it time to say good bye to the old vending machine technology and get your own customized Micro Market? All that is needed for a Austin Micro Market Vending custom Micro Market is a designated space for the cooler and product racks along with power and internet connectivity.  The setup, installation, and restocking will all be handled by Austin Micro Market Vending.

Micro Market Advantages:

  • Cost-effective
  • More Product Selection
  • Contactless Food Purchase

  • Freshness Date can be examined
  • Coin less – Cash Less
  • No lines for purchase

Why Choose Austin Micro Market Vending Micro Market Service?

1. You Value Employee Satisfaction

If you’re looking for a way to improve employee satisfaction then a customized Micro Market is your answer.

Micro Markets allow your employees to purchase items at will in a convenient setting without ever having to leave your building.  That is win for you.  And, different than traditional vending machines, micro markets allow individuals to pick up, feel, and examine each item before they purchase it.  Consumers snack daily, but 91 percent of them consider nutritional content before buying and 88 percent are willing to pay more for healthier options. The trend is that most employees want fresh ingredients in their snacks and a Micro Market is the solution to this request.  A custom Micro Market provides for you the opportunity to supply your workplace with high-quality, fresh products that satisfy your company’s cravings.

Micro Markets are conducive to a different level of efficiency allowing employees to purchase multiple items at once, without ever waiting in line or having to worry about carrying cash or change with them.  Employees will use a cashless app-based payment system on their phones to make purchases as they shop without having to wait in any lines. Payment is self-checkout style, which makes it fast and easy for your employees.

2. You Don’t Want to Break the Budget

An Austin Micro Market Vending Micro Market doesn’t cost anything to install, we do it free of charge.  FREE!  This includes delivery, restocking, repairs, service improvements, and security cameras for your custom Micro Market. Who doesn’t love free?  That’s a tough price to beat.

A Micro Market combines the best parts of traditional vending and technology and eliminates the headaches. Have you ever ruthlessly shaken a vending machine because it didn’t dispense your chips?  Maintenance on old style vending machines can be troublesome, especially if your equipment has been in use for a while. Office managers hardly ever think of revamping existing vending service because so much is going on, but eliminating old machines and installing a custom Micro Market can mean a world of difference for your workers.

3. A Sense of Community

Have you noticed food brings people together? If you’re looking to bring your employees closer together, a Micro Market can do it. Turning your break room into a place of gathering is a great way to encourage employee interaction. Allow your employees to exchange ideas, grow, and get to know one another. We stock our Micro Markets with fresh, healthy foods as well as some traditional favorites.

We know people grab a soda and bag of chips and eat at their desks. By providing a sprawling, gorgeous micro market, you can give your employees a certain level of anticipation in their day. They’ll grow to love their 10-minute breaks with fellow co-workers. Micro markets will be there to entice them, draw them in, and give them an experience to look forward to each day.

Micro Market vending can provide you with a zero-cost, zero-maintenance method for keeping your employees healthy and happy. We do this by outfitting our Micro Markets with fresh and healthy ingredients that consumers want and are willing to pay for. There’s absolutely no cost to the business, we find a space that works and we start making people happy.

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